Complete Online Business Automation including Website Creation, Website Forms, Website Optimization, and SEO Improvement

The Power of Automated Websites…

A well-built website can help you to…

  • Generate qualified Leads ...

  • React to clients faster...

  • Send more timely quotes ...

It’s like having an “online receptionist” that works 24-7 to help you manage, grow, and prosper.

Online automation can help you:

  • Build better customer relationships and stronger branding ...

  • Streamlines invoicing and collections ...

  • Help you maintain a central and consistent marketing message ...

Our Online Automation Website Consultations, include:  

  • Selecting Effective Domain Names:
    We follow a 5-step domain blueprint to make sure every domain name gets you more organic traffic.

  • Recommend Hosting:
    Selecting a quality web host is the first step to success. A good host makes automation smooth and easy, and allows for scalability or upgrades as your business grows.

  • Types of Automation Pages Available:
  • Information gathering and delivery (blogs, articles, questionnaires).

  • Quote requests and opt-ins

  • Sales confirmations.

  • Privacy policies and legal disclaimers.

  • Online Invoicing and Payment transactions

  • Storefronts and shopping carts.
  • High Standards and W3C Compliant Code:
  • Fast loading pages

  • Influential colors

  • User-friendly navigation (main buttons, misc links)

  • Visual aids (graphics, banners)

  • Customer service enrichment (chat operators, surveys, etc)

  • W3C compliant Code

  • W3C compliant CSS

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