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Are Web Site Backups Important?

How would you like to receive the following message from your web hosting company's support department?

"Our administrators have attempted to restore and repair your website from last night's backup, unfortunately it, too, is corrupted beyond repair. We are sorry but there is nothing else we can do to help."

The importance of having a copy of your website backup just cannot be stressed enough.  How fast and completely could you get your website back online if it crashed right now?  Following are some questions to ask yourself about your website backup situation.

  • Does your webmaster have a complete current copy of your web site files, including all the originals of your licensed photos, the original file formats of any artwork that you might own, special fonts used when creating your headers, banners, and logos, etc.

  • Does your web hosting company backup your complete website including databases, how often do they do it, and how many copies they keep. Are you using a backup plug-in for your Wordpress blog? Do you have a backup copy of your auto-responder subscribers and the messages that are set to be sent? If not ask your auto-responder provider how to get one.

  •  If you are using a web hosting company that uses cPanel, look for an icon called backup wizard. From there you can backup you website, MySQL Databases, and email forwarders configuration and email filters. If you can't find it or figure out to use it just ask the web host support department how to use it.

We will soon be offering an automated backup service to help meet your needs. If you need help figuring out what you need, let us know - we're happy to help!