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Larry Lang

Larry Lang

The following 30 minute interview is with Armand Morin one of the worlds formost experts in Internet Marketing. In this interview Armond explaines in very basics terms what is needed for the beginner to bring their business to the internet.

Larry's Bio

Hi, I’m Larry Lang and I started Elite Web Solutions after being sick and tired of hearing the horror stories from good hard working entrepreneurs that were being ripped off by their web designers and developers. Along with entrepreneurs with a brick and mortar business and were unable to find anyone to help them automate their new website presents.

I soon realized that far too many business owners had blinders on when it came to their own web site. And since this industry isn’t regulated, the quality, compliance and security provided by “so called” professionals lacked fundamental web strategies and were chocked-full of errors.

And to make matters worse, web developers were charging high premiums, hording information, and not allowing businesses to access their own websites.

Well, I finally had enough and decide to help others to help themselves. It’s time for a shift in power and I’m going to empower anyone with a website to take back control.

Tapping Into My Computer Experience

In 1981, after completing a course in electronics and digital micro-processing, I began working with computers doing component-level troubleshooting. As the computer industry changed, my focus shifted to building networks and doing customer support.

When Microsoft Windows appeared, there became an ever-increasing amount of software in the market place. I narrowed my focus even more and began selling custom-configured desktops and servers, as well as maintaining networks, software, and hardware. My clients ranged from small companies to mid-sized, non-profits to multi-state companies.

In 2000 I narrowed my focus down again and started accepting work contracts all around the United States for industries such as Banking, Airlines, and Communications. I managed such projects as floor consolidations and moves for computer and network equipment; building cabling for wide area networks; communication support; and, data migrations.

Transferring My Skills and Building Compliant Web Sites

In between contracts, I began to learn how to develop websites and how to promote online businesses. After countless hours of research, it became apparent there was a huge piece of the puzzle missing: the one between the step of starting out and the step of making a very sizeable income.

I recall when I first decided to start my online business. I no longer wanted to be at the mercy of the next hiring manager for the next contract. I started doing research on how to build web sites for my business.

Everywhere I looked, there were experts claiming if I would only buy their eBook or join their mentorship program I would make enough to pay for the course and have a very profitable business. After spending two years of taking courses, I had spent over $25,000 along with countless hours of working on different online business approaches -- only to discover that I still lacked the proper tools and the knowledge of how to properly use them.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I learned a lot from some of the workshops and mentorship programs, but the others I found to be a waste of money, not to mention a waste of my time. Sure, I made some money on a $25,000 investment. I earned a whooping $1,276 in two years!

I know what it is like to be living on credit cards and just hoping to be able to make enough to pay the next bill. At one time, things were so tight for me that on one short-term contract I took in order to keep from losing everything, I slept in the back of my pickup in the middle of winter in Maryland. I didn’t have the money for a place to stay. Let me tell you, it was cold! That is when I decided I was going to make my online business succeed, no matter what.

Finding My Own Unique Niche

Stepping back, I took a real hard look at what I had learned over the past 25 years in the computer industry. Whenever I narrowed my focus, I found the right tools that would simplify what I was doing. After I had a system in place that worked, I would take these tools to my customers and teach them in an easy-to-understand industry “lingo”. These tools helped them become more efficient in their businesses.

With knowledge and understanding of these tools and concepts comes empowerment and self-confidence. This, in turn, allows you the freedom to direct your web person, if you have chosen to have one, on how to build and maintain your website the way you want, not the way someone who knows nothing about your business wants it.